GEAR UP Administration


Warner A. Ross, II
Director of Schools

    Sherry Dorris
    Administrative Executive Assistant/School Board Secretary

Bobby Doyle
Deputy Director
Federal Rights Coordinator/Complaint Manager and Title IX Coordinator

    Michelle Johnson
    Coordinator of Information Technology Services

    Kathy Weaver
    IT Specialist

    Paul Wooten
    IT Specialist

    Kyle Pettigrew
    IT Specialist

    Randy Hill
    Supervisor, Maintenance

Lisa Higgs, CPA
Assistant Director for Finance & Administration

    Jean Allen
    Accountant, Payroll

    Trina Hill

    Lowquitta Scott

    Vicki Craft
    Administrative Assistant

    Beth Waller
    Coordinator, Human Resources

    Mary Bufford
    Coordinator, Health Benefits

Wendy Mills
Assistant Director for Student Services
    Michelle Gooch
    Administrative Assistant

    Donald McTizic
    School Community Liaison/Attendance Officer

    Lisa Raines, RN
    Supervisor, Health Services

    Martha Robertson
    Supervisor, Nutrition Services

    Candice Gray
    Coordinator, Coordinated School Health

    Rita Nuckolls
    Administrative Assistant, Coordinated School Health


Darrell Wooden, Ed.D.
Assistant Director for Federal Programs

    Administrative Assistant

Dianne Whitaker
Assistant Director for Special Education Services/504 Coordinator
    Betsy Lucas
    SpED Supervisor

    Kim Newman
    Sp ED Supervisor/Transition Coach

    Lanice Gaillard
    Sp ED Supervisor

    Emily Parks
    School Social Worker/Transition Coach

    Tremeltra Sain
    Workplace Readiness Specialist

    Lillie Jeter
    Behavior Specialist

    Candyace Boyle
    School Psychologist

    Sylvia Barlow
    Coordinator, Gifted Program

    Emily Thompson Parks
    Social Worker

    Christy Craft Stack
    Social Worker

Monica Shaw, Ed.S.
Assistant Director Grades Pre-K - 3
Complaint Manager

Christy Smith, Ed.D
Assistant Director Grades 4 - 8

Steve Gibson, Ed.S.
Assistant Director Grades 9 - 12/CTE/Transportation

    Mary Pierce
    Administrative Assistant
    Dorrie Powell
    GEAR-UP Coordinator

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